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Beach Bedroom Decor

Saturday, December 26th, 2015

The beach bedroom decor offer the calm and serene feel that makes the beach bedroom decor becomes perfect for owner who want to relax after hours work. Here are some beach bedroom decor for inspiration decor.

Minimalist Beach bedroom decor

The first is coral bedroom decor. This coral bedroom decor is inspired from coral reminiscent. The bright coral wallpaper in bedding wall side is perfect match with white duvet in similar bright color pattern and grounded with blue coverlet in soft color. The headboard is making with square shape and slipcover that create from soft blue linen cloth that available to remove and tossed.

The next beach bedroom decor is children loft bedroom. Designed your children bed with three row built in bed with marine sconce style and curtains to separate the beds. To vibrant the space and cheer up, add color spread bed and rug. The tranquil bedroom is examples of beach bedroom decor that not take much ocean and beach accessories to create beach feeling. Just put coral or wave prints above the beds and take muted blue paint in the bedroom will create the beach decor.

Blue Beach Bedroom Decor

Off course, this blue color and shades is the domination color for the beach bedroom decor. For you who want to have clear and distinct beach bedroom decor, you can choose from these examples. The first one is the tropical sensation in blue floral and white in bedspreads with built in platform bed and wall shelves that very useful for small space. The nautical bedroom decor such as metal fish sculpted above the bed, the anchor wood, or the ship rudder can be great accessories decor. To add coastal beach feeling in small bedroom, you can add the oyster shell frame in mirror. You can do it by yourself just by attach the oyster shell with glue in the frame and you can do it for photo frame to as your beach bedroom decor idea.