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CFL Grow Lights For Your Plants

Monday, October 12th, 2015

If we are happy with the want of energy saving lamps is better if we use CFL grow lights. These lights will help you to be more energy-efficient. We certainly feel confused what is called the CFL? CFL stands for Compact Fluorescent Light; this is one of the energy saving lamps. Energy saving point is the use of different watts of electricity, less when we use energy saving bulbs than that do not use energy-saving lamps. The lamp life is also likely to be more hours about 8,000 hours. We can compare when using ordinary light, then the light will quickly extinguished within a certain time period, different when we use energy saving bulbs such as CFLs.

CFL grow lights for your plants

cfl grow lights for veg and flower
Another benefit of this lamp is to illuminate the plant. If we are happy farming, then these lights may be able to help you. When we use a system of green house, or using system screen, then it would be ideal if we use this type of lamp, a miraculous way is to adjust the light bulb at some point in the room so that the whole plant gets light. The beam is very important for the growth and development of the plant, so that the maximum plant growth. We will keep the room at some point, we can use a cup light or we do not use the cup lights hanging from the plants that we will create. For the latest type of screen, it is better if we do not use the lamp cup, so that the whole plant gets light they need. When we use a method like this we should also pay attention to the water for the crop factor. Thus, the plants will grow better. With CFL grow lights the plants were grown in this way will usually maintained its quality, and the plant will be able to grow with both fresh and fertile. Surely it would be different if we plant in the soil media and using sunlight. For the results tend to be fresher, plants use light, because the temperature and also broadcast over well preserved, and pests will be maintained.

CFL grow light design

cfl grow lights and reflectors
There is some arrangement that we can use for our plants, there are established based on a parallel system, or there is also the use of the system there is also a series or using another system. Each system has advantages of each, when we use a parallel system, it would be appropriate if the age of the plants is still small. When the plants are large age, it is better if we use a certain light system, such as one power cord with 5 light bulbs placed at some point the plant, this will facilitate the plants began to grow, in order to better capture the light. Using CFL grow light, will not make the plants burn although used mainly in the near distance, and continuous. Using this type of lamp is not going to make the plants become damaged, and the cost will we spend on electricity and also the cost of treatment plants will not be too big. Light used is also nearly equal to the sun in the morning, so it really is not going to damage the plants. Especially when we are going to plant a vegetable, then the result would be remarkable, the results would have slightly different vegetables when we plant in the sun and in the room with the help of CFL bulbs.

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