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Choose Bedroom Ceiling Light Fixtures

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

Add bedroom ceiling light fixtures into your bedroom can add ambient lights and you can choose from wide range style and size range. The most common type of bedroom ceiling lights is flush mount ceiling. You can choose from flush mounted into hanging ceiling light depend into your room theme and your ceiling height. If you choose the ceiling lights, you can choose from variety size and styles. Even with this ceiling light, you are able to find the ceiling light that attractive and suit with your décor for small bedroom size. The close flushmount fixtures is ceiling light that sit directly on your ceiling, meanwhile the semi flush mount lighting hang down with several inches and gave spaces between fixtures with ceiling. For lower ceiling less than 8 feet, the right option to pick is close ceiling light fixtures. Meanwhile for ceiling heights between 9 to 10 feet, the semi flush ceiling light fixtures semi flush lighting and hang nit less than a foot from ceiling.

bedroom ceiling light fixtures

bedroom ceiling light fixtures

Bedroom Hanging Ceiling Light Fixtures

If your bedroom has higher ceiling than 10 feet, choose the hanging ceiling light fixtures such as chandelier and pendant lights.  The Pendant ceiling light usually comes with simple designs with single chord or chain hanging system. This pendant lights available in wide selections of styles and size and it can be single pendant or lines. The chandelier bedroom ceiling light fixtures is hanging in branches system and it is more ornate, heavier and larger rather than pendant lightings. To install the hanging lights, you are able to put in over the bed. Be sure, when you install ceiling fixtures for your bedroom, this offer you more lights for other activity such as reading.  Hanging the lights in center point of room, the bed is great option to have visual eye catching.

Things to Consider Install Bedroom Ceiling Light Fixtures

When you are install the light fixtures for your bedroom, you need to consider for light accumulate you need, and sure the light fixture you choose provide much lights for your bedroom. Consider for dimmer switches that make you able to adjust your light level suit with your mood and activity.  If you consider ceiling light that added with fan for keeping you stay cool in summer, you need to ensure that installation have enough space for head room bedroom ceiling light fixtures to in and out of the bed.