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Choose Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Sunday, December 6th, 2015

Adding living room wall decor is the best way to show your interest for arts and styles taste. The wall décor will help you to improve the appearance and feeling in your living room. You can go with paintings, photograph, shelves, mirrors, TV, and many more. Here are some inspirations for your living room wall décor ideas.

Living Room Wall Decor Focal Point

You can consider living room wall décor as focal point in your living room with big painting in your back living room wall. A big painting that full your middle wall in natural or abstract will attract the visual from your guest. You can consider choose middle size painting and pairs with mirror to create larger feeling. The next ideas is choosing photo frame in varies size and shape, and arrange in your wall as wall décor. The picture is not only pattern with your family picture, you also able to frame painting or your photo collections. If you have big painting and want to set in different way, try to cut the painting in several pieces and set in your wall in desperate distance.

Shelves for Living Room Wall Décor

Play with your artwork skill by make your DIY shelves for living room wall décor. This wall décor will not only give you functional shelves but also accent decor for your living room wall. The first inspiration is letter shelves. This is custom shelves that custom your displays décor items. Create simple letter in cubic shelves. Next ideas are floating shelves that come with asymmetrical arrangement in wall.

Next, if you love pottery and go nature and vintage, you can choose this pottery plate and set in your wall as accent décor. Install mirror in your living room also good ideas. The mirror that framed with rattan plaiting can be great and unusual frame for your mirror. The other ideas are iron wreath or wall painting mural for your living room wall décor.