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DIY Bedroom Décor Ideas

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

DIY bedroom décor ideas get so very popular since those who like to be creative with their hands will be able to make some things that can be used as their bedroom decorations. Moreover, making your own bedroom decorations will also save you some more money that you can save or use for other more important things. Here are some DIY ideas for your bedroom décor.

1. DIY Bedroom Décor : T Shirts Doormat and Laundry Basket
Your old ratty t shirts can be turned into something useful like doormat or laundry basket. All you need to make them is braid or hot glue the shreds of your old t shirts into a doormat. As for the laundry basket, you will have to braid theme and then shaped them into tube shape.

2. Brick Bookends
Your new house is recently built and you found some leftover bricks lying around? Those bricks can be turned into something more useful like bookends for your bedroom or library. Decorate the bricks with a piece of ribbon or decorative paper wrapper to make it more pleasing in the eye and to fit it in into the bedroom decoration.

3. Clothespin Picture Holders
If you love taking pictures and want to display it in an unusual and unique way, you can use this clothespin picture holders DIY idea. First choose section of wall in your bedroom or any room you want to make these unique picture holders, and then stretch some rows of threads from one end to the other on the wall. After that, simply pin your pictures on the lines using clothespins and arrange it to your taste.

4. Can Organizer
Recycling cans and turn them into some useful organizers is another DIY bedroom décor idea. Clean any cans that you found and then wrap them in paper wrapper and then organize them in one section of your bedroom. This can organizer will successfully work for those who love collecting small accessories.