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Fixing A Light Switch

Monday, October 12th, 2015

Wiring a light switch looks like a hard thing to do and needs to be done by an expert like an electrician. But if you know the steps of wiring it, actually it is not as hard as you think. There are a lot of types of light switch. It is started from the simplest one with only four wires until the most complicated switcher with more than six wires. However, for some light switchers should be fixed with several high technology tools, the simple ones can be fixed only by doing the following steps below:

Fixing A Light Switch

Fixing A Light Switch

  • The first step is you need to dismantle the light switch, and you will find there are two ground wires, two white wires, and the last one are two black wires. What you have to do now is to connect both ground wires

  • Secondly you have to rotate the white wires and turn on the wire nut.

  • Thirdly, as we know that the black wires are the power holder, then you need to link the first black wire to the bottom of terminal, and another one to the top of terminal.

  • The last step is to peel the wires sufficiently and the place them into a place or a hole in the terminal. Push the white wires into the box, and switch it. It is done.

Another problem that is often found is a broken wire. As it told before that the black ones are a power holder or contain a lot of energy which usually found as a cause of broken switch. It is quite easy to fix it if you do it carefully. You only need to prepare the new wires and replace the broken ones with the new ones. There is also known as overlamping. It is happened when the power of your light fixture doesn’t match with the fixture itself. The overheated energy on the wires can cause it to be melted, even cause a fire. Check the watt of your light and make sure that it is suitable with the place that it will be installed.

After all, if you are still worried with what you have done before, calling a professional electrician is still the best answer for wiring a lightswitch. It is because the materials inside it can cause a fire which means if it is not fixed properly and accurately, it can be so dangerous for them. Wiring a light switch can be easy if you know the steps, yet dangerous for those who do not know.