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George Kovacs Lighting Review

Saturday, October 17th, 2015

George Kovacs lighting is the only stop you need to make your house a home. With so many people using regular lighting bulbs, you would want to set yourself from the rest thus creating a wonderful ambience full of beautiful lighting. With George Kovacs you are sure to get the sort of lighting that will portray the best of your personality, character, taste and style.

george kovacs lighting fixtures

George Kovacs Chandelier lighting

If you have just moved from a home that you used bulbs or if you need a remake of your house, chandeliers may be just what you need. The counter weights 6 light chandelier is definitely what you should go for when you have a large home. With beautiful circular rings balancing out the 6 lights you will definitely have a hard time getting up from it as you will sit down for hours admiring it. To go for something even better the counter weight9 light low voltage chandelier will give out more lights due to it having 9 lighting areas and is steadier. However George Kovacs lighting did not leave out chandeliers for more reserved people as you can easily go for the bridge 3 light chandeliers. Although luminous in nature it has a translucent silk material that lets you see through the inner artful shades making it very eye catching. However if you like shapes in your lighting, go for the squared five light chandeliers. In it every light is boxed in a square compartment thus you are sure of getting soft light to every part of the room thus also very effective. It also comes with double protection as it is fully mounted to the ceiling thus you don’t have to worry about it falling onto the ground anytime soon.

George Kovacs Pendant lights

If you don’t like the flashiness that comes with chandeliers going for a pendant lights by George Kovacs lighting will help. The Alecia’s Necklace Drum pendant is a good example. It comes in a white fabric shade and accommodates up to three lights bulbs at its base, with a brushed nickel finish for just the right touch. However for a home with a large family, the Families 3 light bulb pendant will do the trick. With just the right pomp to be elegant for a family, it ensures that the family’s image does not go overboard. The fact that it is fully mounted into the ceiling, you will ot have to worry that the children can easily destroy it by pulling onto it. If you live alone you can always go for the Bubble 1 light Wall sconce / pendant. Made of teak glass and a copper bronze patting finish, it may be just what you need to make your home look stunning.

George Kovacs Flush mounts

If you are looking for something different for your home and you neither want to for chandeliers or pendants, flush mounts is what you should go for. Suspended 3 lights semi flush mount which can be found from George Kovacs lighting is sure to cast light in every area of the room but still does not burn out your eyes. Coming in frosted glass you are sure of it being able to fit right at home with your other décor. However, if you like to go all out and be the envy of your guests there’s is no other flush mount that will do the trick like the Bling Bling 2 lights Flush mount. Perforated and decorated by crystals, you get more than you were searching for as it is truly a work of art. If you want to save in cost in your lighting the LED Flush mount is the right way to go. With a unique polished nickel finish with clear white glass on its inside you will always be smiling while looking at it. The best part about it is that it is dimmable thus you can out on the light intensity color for your home.

George Kovacs Vanity lights

Lighting in the washing areas in a home cannot be ignored even though the places are not easily seen. 3lights vanity lights is one light you ought to try out in your washrooms, coming in frosted glass material, you won’t feel like the light intensity is too much as you go on with your business, the fact that it is also well protected leaves out the constant doubts if water has gone onto it. It has a very elegant antique nickel finish making it the perfect replacement from the normal “ugly” bulbs and portrays an excellent contemporary look. You can also be able to play with the light intensity as it comes as adjustable, thus dimmable. However, if you are in need of a simpler vanity light, go for the Saber 1 light Bath vanity light, that comes as a single light. It also comes in glass and is etched opal color that will make you and your guests feel comfortable as it casts soft light in the room. To be set apart from the rest you can also go for the convex 3 light vanity light which comes in an excellent chrome finish. This look will be very different from any other look you have ever seen. You are sure to be the envy of all your friends as it can only be described as the very best and all this thanks to George Kovacs lighting.

George Kovacs Wall fixtures lighting

George Kovacs lightings truly is ideal when you want to have the perfect wall fixtures lighting within your living room or the bedroom. Alecias Necklace 1light wall sconce is the ultimate choice. Decorated by fine art, it is the perfect touch to a rather boring room. It being neither too big nor too small makes it idealistic fit for any home. For lovers of something out of the ordinary, the Grid 1 light wall sconce is the way to go. Being manufactured with a steel shade, it easily breaks the monotony in a home, as it complements the light coming from the lamp and you will be sure to shock all your guests with your style. However, to go a little simpler the 2light wall sconce .since it comes in a white glass shade and a superb chrome finish, you don’t have to worry about it being over the top, but still be ready to receive the compliments as it is beautiful.

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