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Hella Fog Light: Light Angel For Saving Life In The Darkness

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

Nowadays vehicles have front fog lamp, such as Hella fog light. Though some say that the fog lamp is not that useful, many people still consider conversely. Those claiming that the fog lamp is useless see that the kind of lamp is turned off mostly all the time. Sometimes the car owner forgets that his/her vehicles have the fog lamp on it.

hella fog light bracket

The fog lamp basically is useful when your vehicles should walk through the heavy rain and foggy day. We should admit that most fog lamp’s performance is far from our standard expectation. Thanks God, some qualified fog lamps do exist. This kind of fog lamp really helps driver when he/she has to drive in heavy rain, fog, and even snow. Absolutely the fog lamp does not give a so bright lighting that the driver can run the vehicle faster. They however give the needed assistance in the right time and place.

One of the fog lights is Hella

hella classic fog light

Hella fog light is highly acclaimed in giving safety for driving. As you may know, we can find the illumination in fog lamps as a supplement the headlights when we are driving our vehicles under heavy rain, or foggy and snowy condition. For this objective, the fog lamp is designed to bound the glace and put the light straightly on the road to show the way. Hella fog lamp serve this safety needs too. Before released in market, this fog lamp is tested. It also provides the 1-year warranty.

Hella fog light offers some series

hella fog light installation

DE series fog light is the latest series in technology of fog light. The DE series fog light utilizes elliptical reflector. The elliptical reflector helps to direct the light and project it to the road. You will find a shield between the lens and reflector. The shield functions to limit the glare and scatter. The glare and scatter reflection can be back into the driver. That is why the driver will difficultly see the road before him/her. Those benefits make DE Fog Light becomes the most popular Hella fog lights.

Another serie is FF Fog Lights

best hella fog light

FF or Free-Form fog light presents a modern look. It also delivers a better performance comparing with the traditional reflectors. Hella Free Form Fog Light use reflector with multiple faces. It also uses 50000 central point to direct the light in precise direction. Its surface is not that smooth as in the traditional one. This however brings up more illumination comparing to the general lights with more patterns. It shows no glare and also kind of light that people call stray lights. In this series, you will find clear lens. This feature is usually found in modern headlight. It may make the free form fog lamp impressed us as a modern light. There are some models included in this series such as 500 Free Form Fog Lamp, Jumbo 320 FF fog lamp, FF50 fog lamp, FF775 fog lamp and Micro FF fog lamp. If you are interested in installing the Hella fog lamp, make sure to check the local regulations. It will ensure the process will meet the legal regulation.

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