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High Pressure Sodium Lights For Home

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

High pressure sodium lights are usually used at the streets, security, home yards and other outdoor areas. The efficiency and the power of its light could be the main reason why HPS lamps are chosen than low pressure sodium lights. HPS lamps are not a new thing for people, they are really familiar. The lights are turning on during the night to avoid the road users from getting into an accident or other bad things that could happen if some streetlights are broken. HPS lamps themselves are the development of LPS lamps which have more significant features and advantages.


High Pressure Sodium Lights for Home

High Pressure Sodium Lights for Home

Advantages and disadvantages of HPS Lights

The most striking thing between HPS lights and LPS lights are the efficiency. It’s quite impossible to set LPS lights on the street or security. The light is not enough to illuminate public spaces.  That’s why LPS lights’ efficiency is less reliable. Meanwhile, HPS lights have a high quality in its efficiency. You can set them on home yards without worrying the light is not bright enough. From inside your house, you are able to look after what’s going on outside. HPS lights’ efficiency is determined in terms of lumens per watt.

If we compare to the size of fluorescent or LPS lights, HPS lights are smaller. It really benefits the user since HPS lamps can be suitable to many kinds of fixture. Besides, the bulbs of high pressure sodium lights have longer lifetimes than LPS lamps. Lastly, the advantage of HPS lights is you can take Mercury Vapor fixtures and retrofit it into.

However, if we compare to the colors of halogen lamps and metal halide, HPS lights are still bad. Also, lossy ballast is needed by the lights. This material has a function to run a low arc with the power of 52-100V. HPS Lights have a power of 80-140 lumens per watt and the endurance of the bulb alone is 24, 000. Outdoor areas that usually use this light are home yards, high bay, streets, outdoor lighting, security and municipal lighting.

HPS Lights for homes

HPS lamps are available in both offline and online stores. If you cannot find the lamps you are looking for in offline stores, then you can surfing on the internet and click one of trusted online shops. There are wide varieties of choices of HPS lamps you can set and use at home. For example, you can choose a HPS lamp that has a power of 150 W to light outside when the dawn or dusk comes.  The price is not that really expensive as you thought. are really the best choice for the outside of your home!