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How To Arrange Family Room Furniture Ideas

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Choose right family room furniture that will impress your guest with your style and personality when they gather with you in family room. The family room occasionally use living room furniture but the furniture arranged in more family functional set rather than the living room setting that comes in formal. Here are some inspirations for your family room furniture ideas arrangement that accommodate your family gathers and activities.

Arrange Family Room Furniture

The first step to arrange your family room furniture be by establishes your focal point. If you have fireplace or television, this probably your focal point. Set the furniture to face the television, and then create read area near fireplace side by place one chair and table lamp or floor lamps. You can solve the focal point trouble by set the panel TV in beyond the fireplace.

You are also able to set big painting in your wall as family room furniture focal point and add hanging chandelier in ceiling. Place the largest item from your furniture to your opposite focal point. The largest item could be your sofa. Place it about 10 feet from your focal point. Because your family room is your space where your family gathers, create the conversation area by set two chairs or love seat in side of sofa by creates U shape in entire furniture arrangement.

Family Room Furniture Decorating

For your family room, add coffee table in front of sofa, choose one table that double function as storage, and play board games. Add small furniture to accent your family room such as end tables in either side of sofa or set one end table between the living room two chairs. Set floor lamps to give better lighting for reading area. Install bookshelves in lengths of one wall that give your family room great storage for your collectible items, games and books. The important thing is to not makes the shelves too cluttered that makes your family room furniture look unorganized.