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Inspirational Living Room Lighting Ideas

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

Create some living room lighting ideas that will make your living room become extraordinary, amazing and awesome with play of lighting. These lighting room ideas start from simple, vintage, classic into modern and dramatic effect into your living room. Lighting is not only how to make your living room has enough light, but also can be a decoration accent for your living room.

Modern Living Room Lighting Ideas

The first idea is create lighting layers in your living room. The lighting layers will create bounce of illumination in a room and will eliminate shadows that common happen in corners. The examples of layers lights in living room such as when you set the metal burnishes chandelier in the middle as overall lighting and visual point and then add two sconces that supply your living room with soft lighting accent and define your fireplace area.

The scrolling floor lamp will offer you the task lighting in seating area offer the window. The next living room lighting ideas is recessed lighting that offer you a lot of lights and illumination. The illumination effect from the halogen, compact fluorescent bulbs, or incandescent allows you to focus the lights position that you needed.

Types of Living Room Lighting Ideas

There are several types of living room lighting ideas that you can choose suit for your requirements. The chandelier is the classic lighting fixtures that suit for all living room styles. The sculptural shapes will make this lighting provide you with multipoint accent lighting. If you want to have décor lighting accent as well as wall décor, you can choose sconces. Sconces for living room usually install in paired way, typically set in fireplace to define focal point and accent lighting. The other ideas, you can choose floor lamp for give you portability, flexibility and eye level interest of living room lighting ideas.