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Introduction To Wiring A Light Switch

Friday, October 2nd, 2015

In the field of interior and exterior design, wiring a light switch is considered as the substantial and prominent part in acquiring a perfect result after all. Without any specialized skill in installing and arranging a fine wiring system, it can be assured that the all the arranged concept will be meeting a failure. But we can start to learn and try with simplest basic wiring at home. Here, I am trying to shed some light project as the object.

3 Way Wiring a Light Switch

3 Way Wiring a Light Switch

Steps to Do Simple Wiring a Light Switch

This all are about wiring a light switch with normal ON and OFF without bells and whistles. Make sure you turn down the electricity power before installing. We can start the first move by installing a single pole switch. You may notice that there are two wires in black and two bare wires or ground wires. Connect the bare wires to the steel box which contains ground screw. If you have connected those two bare wires, you can continue with two white wires and twist them together. Pick electrical tape and roll it over the twisted wires to anticipate the wire to come out.
After that you can connect the source wire to the bottom of terminal connector and switch the other black wire to the top of terminal connector. Pull back the steel box and you may see the strip gauge on the back. This gauge is functioned to get a quick connection. Now you have to make sure all the wiring components are perfectly set in order. The last thing to do is just strip the wire to the specified length and push it towards the hole. Don’t forget to screw the switch. Finally, you may turn on the electricity power and do test on the light switch.

Replacing a Light Switch

Picture for Wiring a Light Switch Method

You may often find a situation where the light switch fails to work as normally. It means that you should replace it. Basically, it’s almost the same thing as first time wiring method but there’s several things might be different. Most of switches must have terminal screws and holes on the back. These holes are used to accept the remaining wires. I suggest you to not use plug in connections since most of them are less reliable. If your problem comes to the complicated wiring light switches, you probably should call up the experts to deal with it.
For your Information when doing wiring, there are two types of walls that you need to recognize; solid and hollow walls. Solid wall needs to be chased out and cables for the terminal connectors should be housed in a protective conduit. The best way to deal with solid wall is by marking a vertical line up, so you will have the switch position is up against the ceiling.
For the hollow wall, the cable from terminal connectors should not be fed down against the wall. It means that you don’t need to chase out the wall to get the new switch position. However, you need to make a hole in the ceiling as the route for cable down.

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