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Is UV Light For Nails Safe To Apply?

Friday, October 2nd, 2015

Uv light for nails seems to be trend currently. It has been involved in manicure and pedicure methods recently. It is usually used to dry the nail polish gel quickly than letting it dry just the way it is. This uv light method is being popular for this period of time when the people of using manicure and pedicure nail gel are increased. Is it safe for the health to apply? Here is the explanation about this light.

Is UV Light for Nails Safe to Apply?

Is UV Light for Nails Safe to Apply?

Increasing the Risks of Skin Cancer

The trend of nail gel and paint gel makes you more careful when you decorate your nails in the beauty salon. You seem to increase carefulness about it. What are the reasons of this case? When you decided to polish your nails with nail paint gel, the beauty salon staff is exploiting the use of uv light for nails. The uv light has long light spectrum having a closely relationship to skin cancer.

It also has been claimed that the visiting frequency to the nail beauty salon will brings few carcinogenic potential to the body health.  It remembers on the low uv light for nails energy exposure for the body and especially skin and nails. You absolutely need some visits to nail salon to exceeded safe limits of this uv light for light to have a potential damaging DNA of the body possibly enabling the risks of cancer causes.

Pedicure and Manicure Nail Gel Will Dry with Help of UV Light for Nails

The use of uv light for nails is actually making the nail gel dry. Without the help of this uv light, the nails gel is getting difficulties to get dry because the nail gel composition is made of special substances. The claim of uv light use makes many nail salons benefiting the use of uv light for nails. The study was conducted by the expert saying the opposite. It has been claimed that a single drying session of nail polish and gel under the uv light cannot cause the risks of cancer. It is caused by the uv light not lighting the overall body of people. Moreover, it has been affirmed that some kinds of uv light exposure take few possibility of carcinogenesis risks.  To avert the risk of skin cancer, you should do some preventing actions like applying sun block on your nails and hands and uv protecting gloves to limit the exposure of uv light for nails. It is getting safe if you use uv light for nails in the safe limit level.