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Knowing Deeper T8 Lights

Saturday, October 10th, 2015

As we know that T8 fluorescent light fixtures is the most common lamp that is used nowadays, but do you know exactly what T8 light means? Do you know where you should use it? It will be better if we all know first what T8 fluorescent light fixtures mean. The sign ‘T’ here stands for tubular which shows the form of the lamp, and the number ‘8’ here means the diameter size of the lamp. In addition, the number after the sign ‘T; also indicates the efficiency of the energy in the lamp, and this light is the average one which the most usable by people. However, there are also several information that you need to know about T8 light.

Knowing Deeper T8 Lights

Knowing Deeper T8 Lights

  1. About T8 fluorescent light

  • This type of fluorescent light is pretty good for a cold temperature.it still can operate in around 50F. Thus, it doesn’t mean that this light is good to be placed in outdoor area, because it is fit as an indoor lighter, such as your living room, or office.

  • Actually, before it has not been improved, T8 light doesn’t have enough color and it makes the shine of the lamp become flat. Day by day, the quality of the color characteristic that is illuminated by the lamp is getting better. The research shows that T8 lamp has a better quality such as color rendering and high efficacy compared to T12 fluorescent light.

  1. The application

  • For colder area, this kind of lamp is still better rather than using T5 lamp. It is because this type can maintain the light output, and also can work around 50 to 65 degrees.

  • Actually, it can be used wherever you want as long as you know some rules that fit the lamp. They are the temperature and low mounting height.

  • Examples of places that mostly use T8 lamp are indoor working place, mechanic garages, and any other warm places also good.

However, this lamp also has some disadvantages in some cases which mean the use of lamp is all depended on the situation, condition, and the places that you want to lighten. It is good to know more about the type of fluorescent light and also the benefit of using them. At last, those few points are needed to know before you choose T8 fluorescent light fixtures as your lamps and make sure it is used in a suitable place.