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Lampshades For Unique Floor Lamps

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

In this brief writing, we are going to try giving more attention to unique floor lamps. Modern people are always looking for something fascinating to dress up their house oriented for both interior and exterior design and interface. We all may have known that today’s modern house concepts have always been changing through times. Let’s say contemporary idea for modern family houses which clearly retransforms and puts back the ‘ancient’ touch. No one would have not been expecting things which are supposed to be out of date for long time ago, can give something precious in the eyes.

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I would love to share with you so you can go through with some kind of old school idea. Frankly, this can be implemented to create some unique floor lamps by first to know how to select good lampshades. Commonly, lampshades are offered in numerous sizes, shapes, styles, colors and designs. When we talk about ‘choice’, we just cannot merely separate it from individual perception and preference. It means that every person might have different words to define whether thing is ‘good’ and ‘unique’ or ‘bad’ and ‘not appropriate’. However, we are simply allowed to pull one red line under the plurality, by giving basic guidelines to lampshade selection.

Common Types of Lampshade.

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Just in case you are too confused in choosing the types of lampshades for creating unique floor lamps, so I am trying to narrow down the outreach selections into 2. Here, we have hardback shade and silk shade. Hardback shade is made by deriving technique of laminating. The basic materials for hardback shade are taken from fabric and plastic which are laminated onto plastic liner. Each shade should have top and bottom ring to where the laminated fabric or paper is cut and attached. Plastic liner with translucent or opaque is acquired to create a good lighting for the room. For the fabric itself, linen, silk, satin or muslin are considered as the appropriate types. These will produce distorting effect of light.

Second type of lampshade is silk shade. Don’t be trapped by the term ‘silk’ there since this kind of shade is not necessarily made from pure silk. The term ‘silk’ itself refers to the outer fabric which can be taken from silk, satin or linen. Almost the same with hardback shade, silk shade has top and bottom ring. Thing that makes these two shades different is that two rings on silk shade are connected by side wire or strut. Silk shade has more advantages than hardback shade. It’s very possible to change or have variety of shapes for silk shade since it’s built on a frame.

Define Unique for Floor Lamp from the Lampshade

unique and unusual floor lamps

The existence of floor lamp is not only to add light to dull corners, but it also gives light to a larger area than table lamp does. Floor lamp is one of element on interior furniture which can be very substantial and imposing. When you prefer to have floor lamp put on the corner of your house, you need to give more attention to the design and style even the type of lampshade you want to use. It’s because a floor lamp is defined as unique from its lampshade.

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