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Minnie Mouse Bedroom Decor

Friday, December 25th, 2015

The bedroom with children favorite’s character theme usually makes your children comfort in their bedroom. Many girls are fall in love with minnie mouse bedroom decor that cute, pretty and nice to look. You can do much more when you decorate your girl room with Minnie mouse theme such as placing Minnie mouse duvet, Minnie mouse study table, and many more. This bedroom decor is available for little girl and when you prepare your nursery room for your girl baby.

Pink Minnie Mouse Bedroom Decor

Off course, girl domination color is typically played full in this minnie mouse bedroom decor. You can paint your wall with pink and make borderline in the bottom with white or black. The black will soften the pink domination and will work well if you have grown up girl in this bedroom. The black Minnie mouse head painting with pink ribbon in wall where you set bed will set this painting as your bed head. Set pink duvet and black coverlet to make mature feeling. The floating shelf with white and black color is perfect to set. If your girl is little and they still play with their Minnie mouse doll, you can explore more with this decor.

Lovely Minnie Mouse Bedroom Decor

The Minnie mouse bed with storage option in below is other alternative option for you to make your children stuff organized. The furniture that dominates with pink and white can make your bedroom theme perfect. Set the Minnie mouse wallpaper and sticker in wall makes your white wall look nice. The chandelier with pink or purple crystal will make the Minnie princess look stunning. Minnie mouse table and chairs set is most furniture that you can find in this minnie mouse bedroom decor. If you want plain theme furniture to soften and not make the bedroom filed much with Minnie mouse, you can just choose the plain furniture with pink and white paint.