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Phillips Light Bulbs New Technology

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

Advantage of Phillips Light Bulbs

The thought of being able to reduce electricity bills while still be able to perform all electronic ad lighting functions is on the rise. Many people as much as they don’t like being in literal darkness tend to want to have a classical bulb that still blends with the overall house décor. Phillips LED bulb like the any other incandescent bulbs has a semi conducting material that is integrated with diverse impurities to create a p-n junction. However with this, its whole system is made in such a way that lower energy is used ad thus is used in diverse electronics like TV lighting, computers etc

philips light bulbs color

What exactly are the benefits of using the Philips light bulb over any other brand in the market?

The initial cost is high. This in itself many seem like a disadvantage but the output and useful life that it gives I return is ten times fold. It also comes I a variety of color light emitters, this means that you get to have red, blue or green lighting without necessarily having to folk out more money from your pockets to purchase color filters.

philips light bulb color temperature

Phillips light bulbs release more lighting per watt, that means they are more energy efficient than any other kind of incandescent bulb in the market. The whole design of the phillips light bulbs eliminates the need of purchasing an external reflector. This means that it can focus and direct light to specified area because of its packaging uniqueness. Discoloration due to dimming is limited or seldom seen in Phillips light bulb.

Burning out of the Philips bulb is reduced even with common on- off cycling, thus are more reliable ad give faster results than any kind of fluorescent light. This is complemented well with the fact that it is more tolerable to external shock than other bulbs.

In comparison with other bulbs, the Philips bulb can have up to 60,000 useful life hours. This is double what you expect in other light bulbs and about ten times other types of fluorescent lighting bulbs. It also gives you a heads up by dimming rather than burning off.

Most of all the use of mercury has been eliminated and thus safer to use in residential properties without the worry of contracting mercury poisoning. This in its whole entirety make the Philips led bulb be ahead of other companies in lighting solutions, thus giving one reliable, stable and efficient lighting that actually saves you money.

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