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Inspirational Living Room Lighting Ideas

Create some living room lighting ideas that will make your living room become extraordinary, amazing and awesome with play of lighting. These lighting room ideas start from simple, vintage, classic into modern and dramatic effect into your living room. Lighting is not only how to make your living room has enough light, but also can […]

Tips to Choose Right Dining Room Lighting Fixtures

Dining room lighting fixtures are important element for your dining room. Dining room or dining table is best place for all people to gather and talk together about things. It is the other best room in your home to share about your activities in the day. Dining room can be used as entertaining space too. […]

Introduction to Wiring a Light Switch

In the field of interior and exterior design, wiring a light switch is considered as the substantial and prominent part in acquiring a perfect result after all. Without any specialized skill in installing and arranging a fine wiring system, it can be assured that the all the arranged concept will be meeting a failure. But […]

Vintage Light Fixtures in Your Home

Vintage light fixtures tend to be unique even antic. The lighting design is very classic, very suitable if we use the concept of classic house. We can put these lights in the bedroom, in the living room or in the kitchen. We must accordance, with the design and also the character of the lighting design. […]

George Kovacs: the Father of Modern Lighting

From the world famous George Kovacs lighting, we must have known there ever stood a great innovator of modern lighting behind all. George Joseph Kovacs was born in Vienna on December 23, 1926. From his step father, Fred Rotter, an English interior architect, George Kovacs was acknowledged with the basic of lighting. It was in […]

Advantages of Using Ceiling Fan Light Covers

Ceiling fan light covers can become the best home décor that you can apply for your house. When you are using this type of home decoration, you will be able to get the things that you need. You can finally make the appearance of your house becomes modern with it. Indeed, you have to make […]

Outdoor Candle Lanterns: Guide for You

Outdoor candle lanterns are quite popular in recent months, especially for those people who love to improve the look of their house. As you can see, many people see their house is not only as a place for them to stay in this planet, but it’s also about the economic and wealth symbol. This is […]

Wireless Light Switch to Control Light Wall

Every homeowner should consider having a wireless light switch as the advantages are numerous. A wireless light switch can be very useful in the home as it brings some convenience and flexibility, allowing the homeowner control several lights in the house from a single spot. A wireless light switch is a better option compared to […]

The Safe Recessed Light Cover for Perfect Life

Recessed light cover determines the light effect. Recessed light is installed in opening concave in ceiling. The effect is divided into broad floodlight and narrow spotlight. Recessed light consist of two parts: trim and cover. Trim is the visible part of the light while cover is the fixture that installed in the ceiling serving as […]

Choose Right Kitchen Island Light Fixtures

Choose right kitchen island light fixtures that not only suit with your style, but also with the proper task and décor requirement. When you install lighting fixture for your kitchen island, you need to consider for most important you need to consider when you have this island kitchen lighting project is consider for lighting that […]