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Take Right Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

Pick right kitchen island pendant lighting for your island kitchen is important because it is available from wide option style that offer you different lights and function of decor, task and accent.  As island kitchen will usually come with granite and marble, the hanging pendantlight can give your kitchen entire mix style. Here are some inspirations for your kitchen island pendant lightings that you can choose to steal attention in your kitchen.

kitchen island pendant lighting

kitchen island pendant lighting

Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting Ideas

Here are best 10-kitchen island pendant lighting that you can choose for your kitchen. The first idea is come from clear glass pendant lights. The clear glass pendant lights offer you more option for sparkle and elegant sculptural lights. The best idea for clear glass pendant lights option is when you choose hand blown air bubbles and wabisabi option. The next idea is glove pendant lighting that popular from 70’s and can be first consideration because its size. You even available choose this type for small kitchen island. If you want to add modern style look for your kitchen, add group of hand blown bulb pendant shape in your kitchen. Next is industrial lights idea for your kitchen that available in several options. The classic film production lighting that available in silver and black option give your kitchen clean looks and crisp style.

Colorful Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

There several options of colorful kitchen island light pendant that you are able to choose for your kitchen. The first idea is four bowl shaped pendant lights that offer you different four shades. Hang these four pendant lights in different height to give you more outstanding look. For you who want to add exotic and unique look for kitchen island lighting, you are able to choose the Moroccans lamps that give dash look for your kitchen.   For you who have plain room, hang colorful pendant lights can be option for focal point item. The size of the lighting also needs to consider. The oversize pendant lighting can give you big impact in liven your kitchen island. The oversize cube pendant light can add great mimic for your kitchen. The big silver lighting domes shape can give your kitchen island accent décor.  The minimalist kitchen island will have great look when you combine with black dome lighting lines. The last idea for your kitchen island is chandelier that pretty look with sparkle and elegance at one. This chandelier is able to smooth surfaces and soften the hard tings in your kitchen island pendant lighting.