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Teen Bedroom Decor Ideas

Sunday, December 20th, 2015

Choosing the right teen bedroom decor is a little bit trickier compared to choosing bedroom decor for children. However, since your children are now teenagers, you can completely trust their judgment in decorating their bedroom or give them some advice on how they can decorate their bedroom. Here are some teenage bedroom ideas for you.

1. Simple Teen Bedroom Decor
If you do not want a teen bedroom decor that will require too much rearranging thing or unnecessary thing inside the bedroom, go for simple teen bedroom decor. Simply put the necessary furniture pieces inside the bedroom such as a bed, bedside table, dressers, a study table, and a vanity table if you want. Keep the decoration simple with incorporating neutral or pastel colored wall paint inside the bedroom. You should also take advantage of the natural light to illuminate the bedroom and to keep the lighting inside the bedroom to the minimum.

2. Sea Themed Bedroom Decor
This sea themed bedroom decor will work most perfectly if you live in a place where it get much sunlight since most sea themed bedroom decor will use wide windows with sheer curtains as one of its main decoration. You should also use sea theme color scheme such as sand beige, ocean green or blue, as well as other sea themed decoration. Combine these sea themed color scheme with neutral colors such as white or black to spice it up more.

3. Small Bedroom Decor for Teenager
If you live in a small house and you cannot help but have small bedroom, you should be able to manage the space cleverly for the teen bedroom decor. Look for a comfortable single bed so that even though your bedroom is small, it still is comfortable to sleep in. Make use of the bedroom walls and make a lot of wall mounted open shelves to store the school books and any other things teenagers might have. Make sure also that the room get plenty of natural light since it will help a lot in making the room look less cramped.