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The All Blue Living Room Ideas

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

The blue living room ideas are great way to give your living room hues and warm in fun color. You can add several blue hues and levels that suit with your living room work. No matter whether you want to add fun, dramatic, cottage and more, blue is available in patterns and color level for you.

The Blue Living Room Ideas

Add the instant refinement into your living room with dark blue sofa to add buttoned up elegance. Play contrast with rattan table, dark wood chairs and hanging swing chair with lines soft blue color cushions. Place the soft blue and white carpet pattern and add white and blue abstract painting in beyond fireplace as accent décor in your living room. Add basket with bold blue color in end side of fireplace.

Move out your stress with these blue living room ideas. Blue will removes the pretension when you set formal living room. Choose the sea blues furnishing with slights variations in motifs and tones that take contrast pattern and hues in sharp. The patchwork rug in bolded blue anchor the area and lined sofas and wingback hairs add relax furniture.

Modern Blue Living Room Ideas

Add the deep blue shades that will add dignity in your living room. The Moroccan carpet in the middle living room with built in book in living room will state formal look and organized living room. Blue makes your living room cozier rather than other colors. The blue colors also remind you with the sea and airy space and lights. For you who have living room with all wood furniture the blue will complementary your wall point. Use blue in drapes and combine with grey or beige to add earth tone and not interfere with other décor color. The dusky shade in blue cloud can add soothing effect for eye look. The best color combination for your blue living room ideas is white, grey and beige.