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The Safe Recessed Light Cover For Perfect Life

Sunday, September 13th, 2015

Recessed light cover determines the light effect. Recessed light is installed in opening concave in ceiling. The effect is divided into broad floodlight and narrow spotlight. Recessed light consist of two parts: trim and cover. Trim is the visible part of the light while cover is the fixture that installed in the ceiling serving as house and providing the lamp holder.

recessed light trim clips

There are several categories of recessed light cover. They are IC or Insulation Contact rated new construction, Non IC rated new construction, IC rated remodel and Non IC rated remodel cover. Each category has a specific condition. IC rated new construction cover are put in the ceiling before the ceiling surface are set. In case the ceiling has an empty space above, you can install the fixture from the attic area. You should remember to put the IC cover in any places that enable the direct contact between insulation and the light cover. Non IC rated new construction cover is almost the same as te IC-rated new construction cover. The only difference is that in non IC rated new construction, there is no direct contact between the cover and insulation. They need a little space at least 3 inch or 7.6 centimeter. Lamps that will be set in this cover generally is rated up to 150 watt.

recessed light covers

People usually install the IC rated remodel cover in the ceiling that already exist. In this ceiling, the insulation will be put contacting with the fixture. Another category, non IC rated remodel housing is used in ceiling that already exist without any insulation. This category requires no contact with the insulation, but if you are made to put some space, it will be at least 3 inch from the insulation.

recessed light draft stop cover

When you should pick a recessed light cover, check the design. Make sure that the cover can block the way for the flammable materials coming into contact with the hot fixture of lighting. The recessed light with bad cover can invite the fire hazard. Fortunately, most of the latest cover types apply the safety mechanism. There are various sizes of cover. The size is based on the circular opening’s diameter. As you may know, the circular opening is the place where the lamp is put. Of many size variants, most people usually pick the cover with diameter sizes 4, 5, and 6 inch. Another size, however, is used in special occasions like size and 3 inches.

recessed light cover for shower

Sometimes, you will find the recessed light cover that block the air to flow into the attic and ceiling. By doing so, you can reduce the cost of heating and cooling. There are many choices in market. One thing you should remember is finding the cover that made out of anti fire material. Your recessed light cover is supposed to protect your fixture from the insulation that places in the attic. It also has to able to block the unwanted air that prepares to escape through the light. Consider those above things to find a safe recessed light cover for your house

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