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Tips On Paris Bedroom Décor

Friday, December 18th, 2015

Paris bedroom décor remains one of the most popular bedroom designs all over the world, especially amongst those who longs to someday visit the French city. Meanwhile, Paris bedroom design is not that difficult to create and with the elegant and comfortable quality that all Parisian bedroom décor posses, the decoration theme becomes really popular. Here are some tips on Paris bedroom design for you.

1. Paris Bedroom Décor; Choose the Right Color
If you plan to have an all out Paris bedroom décor you should start from painting your bedroom wall in an appropriate color. For Parisian décor, it is best if you paint your bedroom wall in light colors such as pink, blue, or beige color for a less girly look. When done painting you can decorate your walls with Parisian theme such as sticking some wall decal of the Eiffel tower or hire someone to draw one on your bedroom wall.

2. Gather the Furniture
When you are done adjusting the wall colors and patterns, the next thing you need to do is to look for Parisian theme furniture pieces to be placed inside your house. Look for furniture pieces that have Parisian feel to it such as French style wrought iron bed, wrought iron side tables, and dressers that have a mirror attached to it. If you cannot find dresser with mirror, you can always substitute it with carved dresser and look for a full length mirror instead.

3. Accessorize the Bedroom
The last thing you need to do to give your bedroom a Parisian feel to it is to accessorize and decorate your bedroom in Paris themed accessories. You can always look for graphic pillow case with Eiffel towers printed on it or if you think graphic pillows are tacky, you can change it with ones that have simpler patterns. You can also place other Parisian theme accessories in your bedroom such as sculptures, posters, or even window stickers.