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Unique Ideas About Paint Color For Living Room

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

Paint color for living room can be your best recommendation to create new look. If you feel bored or tired with old paint color of your living room, change the color with different look can be your choice. Of course there are so many colors, themes and ideas about it. To paint your whole wall in living room will need a smart direction and plan. So in this article we will explain to you about some tips and unique ideas about paint color!

Unique Ideas About Paint Color For Living Room

Unique Ideas About Paint Color For Living Room

Dare To Paint Different & New Colors

Before we tell you some tips, we need to tell you the reason why you must dare to paint different and new colors. We know that most people are too worry or afraid to paint new color of their living rooms. They prefer casual and soft colors for their living rooms such as white, brown or cream. Well, now you should know that you need to change your mind about “safe colors”!

As a place to welcome your guests and relaxing time, living room should be a formal room with unique side and enchanting look. Although it’s a formal room, but that doesn’t mean you only stuck with safe colors choice. Challenge yourself with paint different and new colors. You don’t need to worry much, just make a well-constructed plan in the very first step. For example, you can sketch or paint on the paper (or canvas) to make sure your choices are definitely suitable with your living room. Not only that, you can see recommendation on internet for your best guide about combining different and new colors. On internet you can learn much about combining, concept of new colors and how to create unique look but still in casual way for your living room.

Do And Don’t About Living Room Painting

For some tips, here are some do and don’t about living room painting :

Do :  be dare to paint different and new colors. Like what we tell you above, the idea of new and fresh look can be separated from challenging choice. You want to use yellow, red or orange for your living room color painting? It can be the best idea. To create formal style, choose classic furniture and sofa set with soft colors. Some paints and beautiful flowers also can help to make the bold color paintings look a little bit formal.

Don’t  : make expensive cost about paint color for living room. Make better savings and expect a lower budget for your make-over painting. Expensive cost without great plan or strategic color choices will only waste your time and money.