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Vintage Light Fixtures In Your Home

Sunday, October 11th, 2015

Vintage light fixtures tend to be unique even antic. The lighting design is very classic, very suitable if we use the concept of classic house. We can put these lights in the bedroom, in the living room or in the kitchen. We must accordance, with the design and also the character of the lighting design. There is a light bulb that uses a lot, but some are only using 1 piece bulb. We just need to set whether the room would we put just enough vintage lamp with 1 bulb or not. Using the lamp with vintage concept will make room in our house will feel different.

vintage light fixtures ceiling
Vintage light fixtures design

There is a wide variety of vintage light fixtures design that we can choose, there are using gothic theme, there are using angel theme, some are using the theme flower size or even DIY. Ingredients to make this lamp, there most diverse uses metal material, this material is formed in such a way so as to create an atmosphere of classic home. The colors used tend to color the material used, it is also increasingly creates the impression of a classic in this light. There is a miraculous chandelier, using some glass ornaments shaped like a bowl, some are shaped like a candle, or a glass shaped like glasses, there are also iron made such confinement, there are also metal shaped with star design, etc. There is also a light cup made of glass with a particular design. But there are also cup lamp made of metal shaped like a bowl or plate which is placed on the top of the lamp, so the light only focus down and not up the room, or there are also cup lights that use melamine material with designs such as bowls, placed on top of the lamp, so that only light rays focus down. There was also a wall lamp, with a design like an angel who brings light, or there is also a wall lamp design lamp shaped like a torch, etc.

Vintage light fixtures DIY

vintage art deco ceiling light fixtures
Actually, we are also able to create the impression of a classic in the space in our homes, as well with the theme of vintage light fixtures DIY, easy way, we only need to look at the item unused in our homes, such as a small bucket made of cans, bottles unused, unused glass, glass jar unused, or others. If we have the bottles, colorful it is better if we cut the bottom, so that we use is the top of the bottle, we will insert the lamp cable at the top of the bottle, and then we will put the lights on the bottom of the bottle that we cut earlier. If we have a glass jar unused, then we can use it as a vintage lamp, the way is to cut the bottom of the jar. While we can include lights on the bottom of the jar, if we have a basket made of iron, and unused, then we can use the cart as a cup to create a vintage lamp lights, the way is to pierce the bottom of the basket so that the cable can get into the basket, and to incorporate the lights we can use the top of the basket, so that when we look at the basket, like an inverted basket.

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