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Zebra Bedroom Decor Ideas

Saturday, December 19th, 2015

Edgy zebra bedroom decor is really popular amongst those who love animal prints as the focal points inside their bedroom. The unique and contrasting stripes of zebra prints are the one that makes people like these prints very much. The fact that the neutral colors of the print is very easy to be match with any kinds of decoration also adds to the print’s appeal. Here are some ideas of decorating your bedroom in zebra prints for you.

1. Wall Zebra Bedroom Decor
If you are a huge fan of this zebra bedroom décor you may as well use it as the focal point of your bedroom and paint it on one of your bedroom walls. Aside from giving a unique and edgy vibe to your bedroom, as I have mentioned before, it is fairly easy to match the zebra patterned wall paint with any given bedroom decorations. Do not paint all of your bedroom walls in these prints though since it will make your bedroom feels too crowded.

2. Bed Zebra Decor
Another idea of incorporating zebra prints in your bedroom decoration is to use it in your bed. Use zebra patterned bed spread or pillow cases to spice things up in your bedroom. You can also use zebra printed in other color combinations if you think the traditional black and white colors are too mundane and monotonous. Be creative and do not be afraid to mix colors together to make your bedroom less boring.

3. Zebra Bedroom Accessories
The zebra bedroom décor can also be incorporated through the accessories and decoration pieces that you place all over the bedroom. For example, you can use zebra print window curtains or spread a zebra print carpet at the foot of your bed. You can also incorporate zebra prints on your bedside table lamps as well as on the upholstery of the chairs inside your bedroom. The possibilities are unlimited for zebra printed accessories.